Marketing material, exhibition stands, adverts, web banners, luxury brochures, you name it... we do it and we do it well.

Some cool cats call that marketing material, we call it just another great day in the studio.

It has proven handy to understand the client and their brand when it comes to a photography shoot.

This has an influence over the art direction, post editing and getting the desired shot for brand coherency.

Ideas become brilliant when you get them out and breathe some life into them.

An honest chat over good coffee & cake have worked well over the years in getting your ideas up and running. The honesty has also proven to be one of the foundations for long-term relationships with clients.

P.S. If good coffee is not your thing we can do tea, see, we really do care.

No matter what the product we get a bit excited about designing all the good stuff that goes around it. Design, mock up, testing, press passing, production, big runs, small runs we can’t get enough.

There is a lot that goes into packaging and we take care of that leaving you to enjoy the process.

If you want to blend in with everybody else then by all means get invoved with one of those 'online web template' set ups, pick a template and...Zzzz. It’s the perfect online camouflage kit to you lose your voice in a noisy market.

If you want to stand out, tell the world what you’ve got to say in a way that engages then I recommend your website is designed to showcase your brand from the ground up so you are seen, heard and sell!

Online templates don’t come with cake. Thought I would point that out.

Brand: This is the good stuff you promise your clients. It's the deliberate things you do to look, sound and make your clients believe you can deliver your promise (brand story), everytime. When people require the products or services you sell your name must come to mind and make them want to engage.

Brand Image: What everyone really feels, thinks and remembers about your brand due to the experience.

Successful brands have very little or no difference between the two.

I enjoy creating, maintaining and refreshing them.

You might think this is an odd one to include, but there is no point being brilliant at all the rest if you are not prepared to listen to your clients in the first place.

Listening, hearing and interpreting even what's unsaid, is as much a skill. Perception is so important.

Listening also makes successful long-term working relationships.

This is how you communicate your brand with graphics, colours, fonts, images, tone of voice & words.

It visually identitfies you across all uses from the competition.

Your main symbol that identifies you from the competition so others can’t pretend to be you.

It identifies your brand in its simplest form, it’s a symbol of what lies beneath.