Cuttlebrook Koi Farm Branding & Packaging


CKF is the UK’s leading breeder of Nishikigoi, (Koi). Their standard of Koi is award winning and has come from years of hard work and a wealth of experience.

Founder Mark Davis worked in Japan learning anything and everything there is to know about koi before setting up Cuttlebrook Koi Farm.

Each year they breed around 700,000 fry and selling on at all growth stages they work down to their selected Tatego, which are koi that possess huge potential for the future.

The world of koi is clean, calm, healthy and an art form. These values were the guide for the new brand identity as a logo has to reflect what lies beneath.

With branding, it’s not enough for a logo to look nice. Nice is not enough in a competetive market. Giving people confidence to engage and make that emotional connection to purchase, is key.

It must have a concept and reflect the qualities of your brand’s products and services in order to connect with customers and grow your business.

People buy to solve a problem they have. If you don’t look like you can solve their problem then you lose out, even if you have the better product.