Denhan International overhaul


I was approached by Denhan a few years ago to design a billboard ad. It went so well they called again.

After a few more billbaords we got moving into the brand side of thig. One thing that could not change was the logo. Arrrgh! ;)

It started with the A5 Landlord Pack consisting of info cards and small brochures which then set the vibe for the design. Brand tools were needed that would not clash with the old logo, but work around it and bring it into the modern day.

Updating the red to be darker with a palette of grey and a graphic tool there was now enough to adapt to any brief giving the brand a voice and style for every occasion.

This included a new website, London bus and taxi ads, the industry trade magazine front cover with a spread inside through to monthly animated eMailers.

They are now so busy with new business I can put my feet up at last.