Love Your Neighbour Logo & Brand Creative


A few months ago I was asked to create a logo for something that has gathered so much momentum that it’s bringing hope and change for the poor, the forgotten and the hopeless across our nation.

The Love Your Neighbour Campaign is a grassroots UK-wide emergency response to the Covid-19 crisis.

I wanted the logo to personable, neighbourly and non corporate. I chose a font that had a hint towards hand writing, but also a little street/edge to it (if there’s such a description!) to reflect hope in the hard hit places.

Love Your Neighbour is strategically partnering with volunteers, churches, schools, hospitals, charities, businesses, local councils and others across the UK to help as many people as they possibly can.   

Their volunteer teams are sourcing and delivering food at scale to those in need and have so far delivered over 3.5 million meals across the nation. Starting with an emergency pop-up food bank in London, Love Your Neighbour has grown in a few months to become a nation-wide alliance of over 290 churches of all denominations, and over 1,000 schools and local community projects.

They are a collaboration under the Church Revitalisation Trust (CRT) and are working with charities such as CFEO, the HTB Shelter, Resurgo Spear, Crosslight, Kids Matter and Safe Families for Children to provide specialist support to at-risk groups.

Together, they are playing their part in helping the most isolated and vulnerable in our communities at this time. 

The Christmas campaign created for social media is to be given out to all partners to use across their social media so nobody is forgotten this Christmas.

It was important in the noise of 1000’s of partner InstaStories that the LYN logo stood out so people would notice the change in content in their usual feeds and that instantly they can see it’s from an external source to create interest.

Quick messages was the order of the day so there are no interruptions or distractions to the reader. You have less than a couple of seconds these days to say something successfully with the amount of same-old-marketing being pushed at us via smart phones from multiple sucrces all at once.