Mason Survival Protocol Logo Design


Michael Mason is founder of the Human Optimisation Coaching mentoring brand.

This has at its core the Carnivore Diet - Strength Training - Breathwork and Carnivore Retreats in the Scottish Highlands.

The logo combines that rawness and strength with his wolf dog and his initial which is where this brand originates from.

There are few brands out there where the founder lives the brand 100% to the max and is still hungry to evolve and learn more along that journey.

Mason has been invited onto renowned podcasts to talk about the results from what he is doing and success it has had for many as they eat and live right again after years of ‘trends’ swamping the market from ‘experts’.

At 59, a Ninja, body guard firearms specialist and kids ski instructor all on the side, he’s a fitness & strength machine that needs no oiling, especially with the industrial kind we’re told is great for cooking with! ;)

Give him a follow @masonsurvival if you like clean organic steaks for breakfast, raw milk and tape over your mouth to breathe better.