XCC is a MIND BODY SOUL ADVENTURE — like an ‘MOT’ for men. It’s a life check up. It asks big questions and expects to deliver big answers. A four day adventure in the wild loaded with significant physical challenges that tests and builds skills for life.

The brief was to create an impactful logo that told story, and an icon in a logo does just the job.

This logo shouts hope, triumph and accomplishment.

The moutains both small and large are a nod towards the outdoor adventure it is whilst being a metaphor for the ones we face on a daily basis.

The red circle is the XCC team and all those who are a part of it, coming together to bind it and support each other through adventure and friendship for life.

When you complete an XCC you will look at this logo and see your own story in the mountians and be reminded of what you accomplished.

There are two versions to work across multiple contexts without losing its impact or coherency.

I redesigned the  homepage for the website, however we had to keep the exsiting online web provider, but managed successfully to work around any barriers it threw at us.

More to come.